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This Is Us

Our personal hosting journey began in 2020 with a unique space located just north of downtown Sarasota. During that time our love for hosting grew, pair that with our love for traveling and SmoothAire was born. During the 3+ years that we were hosts we fine-tuned our skills and created a hugely profitable BNB. And as avid travelers, we learned first-hand what creates a truly enjoyable BNB guest experience. When SmoothAire was created in 2021 our main goal was to share our knowledge and experience with fellow hosts to streamline their business and boost profits all while creating a 5-star experience for guests. 


Through the years we have helped numerous clients set their BNB’s up for success, and handled the day to day operations of running a busy BNB all while providing the optimal experience for both our clients and their guests. The way our business model works allows for us to obtain Superhost and Premier Host status for our clients, rather than those designations becoming attached to our accounts. It is your property, you should receive the badges! We also pride ourselves in being an exclusive boutique BNB management service, this allows us to fully dedicate our time and efforts into your property rather than catering to the masses.   We would be honored to be a part of your hosting journey. Let’s get your BNB running smoothly!


Get To Know Us

Matthew and Jamie have lived in beautiful Sarasota Florida for 6 years, travel brought them to the area and they fell in love with the area’s beauty and cultural appeal.

What Makes SmoothAire Unique?

+SmoothAire is family owned and locally operated, with vast connections in the community

+We understand that this business isn’t about real estate, it is hospitality at it’s finest

+We began our journey as hosts and understand what it takes to have a successful short-term rental property

+To us your home is not just “another” listing in a list of hundreds, we care for your property as if it were our own

+Extensive knowledge of local trends affecting short-term rentals

+All inclusive and highly personalized service

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